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How to Remodel Your Home for a Cozy Winter: 7 Ideas

How about enjoying a cup of hot cocoa under the covers? Seems perfect to spend the winter evenings? The chill in the air and the short days are a sure-fire sign that winter is just around the corner. To enjoy the cozy feeling, your house needs to be in excellent shape. So, do not put your home remodelling projects on hold but try to pull in those projects that you often overlook during the summer. 

Here are 7 home renovations Vancouver ideas to take on this winter 

1. Change the flooring

Has your carpet gone to the dogs lately despite your efforts of professional cleaning?  Well, winter is the time to replace the flooring. As most of the work will be done indoors, you need not worry about bad weather ruining your plans. Talk to the flooring contractor and let the experts measure the space. All you need to do is move furniture and various other items to another part of your home. You can avoid spending the day at home as replacing the floor may get too noisy and the adhesives used are pungent. 

2. Upgrade the laundry room

Winter is knocking at the doors, so it is a great opportunity to revamp the laundry room. Wait and hold your patience! Upgrading this room does not require doing away with the walls. So, there will be less dust and you can keep the windows closed. If you want to go by the best Vancouver home renovation when revamping the laundry room, add a fresh coat of paint on the walls, get a new bin, and above all, change the washing appliance as the sale season is on till November. 

3. Basement Renovation

Just like the laundry room, the basement is another area to renovate in the winter. As the basement is underground, you need not open it to the weather elements. The area is also prone to mould and the humidity in the winter air lowers the risk. You need to upgrade the insulation and replace the floor but before that, you need to fix the basic issues like sealing the cracks. If you have an unfinished basement, try to turn it into an area of entertainment for the winter season. This project should be completed within a fortnight. 

4. Plug the holes

If you are not plugging the holes in your home, it might cause the heated air to leak from the house. Besides, insects and wildlife may access any point of your house to get shelter from the cold. Try and explore every nook and corner of your home and seal the holes and cracks during home renovations in Vancouver BC to ensure that the bugs and critters don’t return. 

5. Replace the doors and windows

A winter home improvement project is not just to stay safe during the harsh weather but boost the efficiency of the appliances and boost the resale value in case you are readying the house for selling during spring. However, the renovation work is typically a large project, so ensure that you work with a professional when changing the doors and windows to minimise loss of heat. Changing the doors and windows before the cold weather sets in fully will help you manage the massive heating bills. 

6. Add tiles in the kitchen

Want to add character to your house? The luxury custom home builders Vancouver BC recommend a tile backsplash in the kitchen to protect the walls from damage due to water. Besides, it adds a personal style to the room. Wondering why you need to focus on tiles? They are a far better alternative to hardwood, lamination, or carpet. Even though the initial cost is a bit higher, it is highly durable and easy to care for. 

7. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls 

The air remains dry during the winter, so it is appropriate for adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Not only does the paint dry more quickly than in the humid season, but you will also end up paying much less when repainting the walls before the wintertime. Roadhouse Homes is the name synonymous with home renovations Vancouver and recreates innovative design ideas to create the best strategies while renovating your home.

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