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7 Must Haves on the Wish List of Your Dream Custom Home 

Do you think that owning a custom home will give you the first taste of success? If the home design etched in your mind needs to be yours, you surely have a wish list to make your living place perfect. The only reason you may need to stop is budget concerns. However, there is still time to inspire your fantasies but what can be a near-perfect dream home that you always wanted to own?

Here are 8 things you need to add to the wish list of your dream home. Talk to a Kelowna contractor to fulfill your dream.

1. Big Backyards

Big Backyards

And you thought that a dream home needs to have plush interiors only? Do not go wrong, as a sprawling backyard and a vast expanse of lawn sounds like a dream. Most people prefer large homes and small backgrounds but the popularity of outdoor living is at an all-time high in the post-pandemic world. The demand is growing, so let your home have a big backyard as it is yet to lose its fervour. 

2. Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool

With improved technologies and a good amount of ventilation, you may enjoy swimming throughout the year without worrying about a damp environment and the smell of chlorine. An indoor pool is a must-have in your house. Furthermore, there are plenty of other amenities you may enjoy around the pool including a healthy workout. An indoor pool is one of the luxury elements to include in your wish list for sure.

3. Grand Kitchen With Double Islands

Grand Kitchen With Double Islands

A dream kitchen is what you must have thought of many times, but do you know that no dream home is complete without a dream kitchen? You may also have high ceilings, gorgeous cabinetry, and double islands are just about a few items you need to have on your wish list. A grand kitchen usually has a couple of islands with storage and a sink in one and another for dining. Besides, you can have themed bars on the island.

4. Cosy Spaces

Cosy Spaces

Among the home design trends that have stood the test of time, nothing compares to open floor plans. But do you know the reason behind the popularity of open floor plans? People prefer places filled with natural light and free-flowing areas. However, it’s time you come out of open floor plans as this trend is about to make its way out. One item you cannot miss on your wish list is a cosy place within the house. You will love to spend your time in this area and love the privacy at last. Communicate with a reputed contractor in Kelowna to have more cosy places in your dream home. 

5. Stylish Laundry Room

Stylish Laundry Room

In dream homes, you can hardly spare an expense. So, the idea of a designer laundry room may be one of the things you cannot skip. Washing clothes is an elaborate affair during the weekends, so, you can relax while completing the chore. What’s more, you can add a pet wash station in the laundry room to add zeal to your dream home.

6. Private Dressing Room

Private Dressing Room

A private dressing room is one of the elements to make your dream home a step ahead with a unique and private space where you can get dressed without any interference. 

7. Indoor and Outdoor Living Areas 

Indoor and Outdoor Living Areas

Indoor and outdoor living areas are in vogue and just about every homeowner would love to have such spaces in their dream homes. Gone are the days of an indoor living room without any connection to the outdoor area. Things have started looking up nowadays with a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas. Several custom home builders in Kelowna are receiving similar requests. A natural outdoor living room and a high-style indoor living room blended to create a multi-functional space. 

The home is where the heart is. So, listen to your heart for once when you talk to Kelowna contractors to include a few of the items in your wish list. Bellamy Homes is an award-winning home builder with loads of experience in fulfilling the wish list of their customers, so it’s time you count yourself in. 

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