Best Languages for Mobile App Development!

Mobile apps play an integral role play in livelihood. We use different kinds of applications for shopping, gathering information, making payments, educating, booking rides, planning trips, etc. Moreover, there are different kinds of new innovative apps launching in the marketplace, which is increasing the demand for mobile app development.

In earlier technological times, there were not many options for programming languages to build mobile apps. On the contrary, we have mind-blowing revolutions happening in the tech-savvy world, which introduced various mobile app development languages. Mobile app developers are using these different programming languages suited for agile development.

This blog represents the best programming languages for mobile app development. You can use the details, and learn about ‘which programming language is right for mobile app development?’ Check out and finalize the one for your project.

Types of Mobile App Development

Before you come to know which is the right programming language for mobile app development, it is important to know different types of mobile apps. The selection of language depends upon which type of app the clientele is deciding to build:

Native Apps

Native Apps are built with one specific operating system; such as Android or iOS Mobile app developers adapt one certain programming language to build applications with the required features and functionalities based on PlayStore or AppStore. However, Android apps are built with Java; whereas iOS apps are built with Objective-C and Swift programming languages. The native mobile apps are highly performing, and even developers can progress these apps with advanced customizations.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are a combination of native and web apps; which are accessible through both the platform PlayStore and AppStore. These are the cross-developed platform apps coded with multiple app development languages; such as HTML, Java, ReactJS, and more. In cross-platform app development, you’ll need just one code that works for all. However, compared to native apps, hybrid ones can create some tech glitches in the future due to their easier flexibility and accessibility. Whereas, natives are highly performing as mentioned above due to their separate development process for each OS platform.

PWA Apps

PWA Apps are called Progressive Web Applications; which require web browsers for their use. These are very simple websites, which feel like mobile applications on the browsers but are unable to be installed on the devices separately. Simultaneously; these apps are high-performing and quickly responsive as there is no need to download or install anything before. The users just need a URL to access the web app, and they can gather information and attain services accordingly.

Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

There are various programming languages for mobile app development to select. Here are some of those languages and their descriptions mentioned. Read and choose your suited one wisely.


After the launch of Android, Java became the most popular programming language to write codes for Android mobile app development. Moreover, this is the most practiced and strongly typed language used by Android mobile app developers. In addition to this, Java is the first object-oriented programming language packed with various excellent features to develop robust tech-savvy apps. One can use the apps built with Java through web browsers, or they can access it via installing virtual machines that need Jar files and IDE. Most of the mobile app development services include Java for Android development, as it has the strength to make apps competitive.


Kotlin is a modern statically typed programming language used to develop Android apps. This programming language helps in building a feature-rich mobile app; that also helps in making it worth the market standards. Therefore, most mobile app development services use it for better processings. Moreover, Kotlin can also integrate with Java to write more super-efficient codes for Android Applications. This is an alternative to Java, which also runs on the Java Virtual Machine. However, Kotlin and Java, both are interconnected means Kotlin has access to Java Libraries and builds better versions of Android mobile applications. Basically; Kotlin is clearer and better compared to Java; so one can use it against Java for Android app development.


Objective-C is the iOS App Development programming language utilized by Apple app developers for the iOS and OS X operating systems. It is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that is simple to learn.
Despite being considered somewhat outdated as numerous new programming languages join the market, Objective-C remains popular among developers. There are various programming languages for iOS that came into the introduction, but Objective-C has remained competitive. This is because many apps have already invested in the language’s security features. Many still largely rely on Objective-C even to this day.


Swift is another programming language for iOS app development, which is a bit low maintenance and better at eliminating bugs from apps. This programming language is more popular compared to Objective-C and also builds some super efficient apps with secured features and functionalities. Moreover, there is much easier coding accessible with Swift compared to other programming languages. This is the best iOS app development language, which enables high performance, more security, better memory management, and more for an excellent innovative creation.


C++ is a high-performing and quality programming language for mobile app development, which has the support of extensive resources to handle complex tasks during development. C++ is a perfect choice for mobile game development, as it enables the management of hardware and memory efficiently. Moreover, the language helps in cross-platform app development, which makes it worth utilizing to create applications that require optimal performance while maintaining a high level of control over system resources.


Python is a prominent programming language for mobile app development due to its simpler and user-readable syntax. This language is widely renowned for use in every domain, and the demand is still rising with its robust framework; such as Kivy and BeeWare. The app developers will find extensive in-built libraries and clearer syntax; which makes it best for agile prototyping and backend development. Its portability and cross-platform capabilities, combined with frameworks like Django and Flask, allow developers to seamlessly create mobile applications with less development time and effort.


JavaScript, initially known for web development, has expanded its influence into the realm of mobile app development. The advent of frameworks like React Native and platforms such as Apache Cordova has enabled developers to leverage JavaScript for building cross-platform mobile applications. JavaScript’s versatility, asynchronous capabilities, and the vibrant ecosystem of libraries and frameworks contribute to its popularity in crafting responsive and interactive mobile apps. Its ability to share code between web and mobile projects makes JavaScript an efficient choice for developers aiming for consistency across different platforms.


C# is a popular and powerful programming language for mobile app development developed by Microsoft, particularly when utilizing the Xamarin framework. It offers a seamless integration with Microsoft technologies, making it an ideal choice for developers familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem. Xamarin allows for the creation of cross-platform applications with a shared codebase, facilitating the development process and reducing time-to-market. C# is appreciated for its modern features, strong typing, and extensive support for object-oriented programming, making it a compelling choice for crafting robust and feature-rich mobile applications.

Which is the Best Mobile App Development Programming Language?

The information shared above has explained different mobile app development programming languages. Selecting one language for own project is quite a complicated task, but not impossible. You can take suggestions from experienced tech people, consider project requirements, and understand your own needs to find the right-suited programming language for development.

When you research “Which is the right programming language for mobile app development”, then make sure to consider a few things; such as project requirements, community support, targeted deployment platform compatibility, development cost, and time taken.

Key Takeaways

In this blog, you have come across different programming languages for mobile app development. If you want to check for the preferred programming language, better to cross-check with the mobile app’s versatility and compatibility on different platforms. You have multiple options; Kotlin, Java, Swift, C++, Python, and more. Select your language based on your project type and build a great application based on the competition and market standards.

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