5 Traditions That Make for a Perfect Quinceanera

It is not every day that a young girl turns 15. The age of 15 is the magical doorway towards womanhood. So, when a Latina girl turns 15, the birthday celebration is more than just special. She deserves her very own quinceanera party. The quinceanera tradition goes back several centuries. Keeping the core values of the tradition, quinceanera has retained Mexican culture and has adapted American creativity. All of which makes it a very vital tradition and a must celebration. 

Quinceanera originally began with the Aztec Indians of Mexico. They believed a girl of 15 years could be married. Thus, the celebration was to mark a young girl stepping into womanhood. However, before the celebration, the birthday girl and her family gather together in a religious ceremony. The gathering is similar to her baptism. The girl is accompanied to the church court with her parents and godparents. The Baptismal promises and commitment to God are renewed after which she makes her vows and seeks the blessing. Post the church appearance begins the celebration. 

So, if you are planning a birthday party for your 15-year-old then you have come to the right place. For the celebration, you would primarily need a great place to set up everything for the party. Azul reception hall is one of the best places if you are planning a quinceanera party in Houston. Apart from a fabulous venue, you also need to follow certain traditions to make your little girl feel like a princess:

A. Traditional Court

A Traditional Court

A celebration without friends is a boring affair. So, inviting the closest friends of your daughter to her Houston Quinceanera is of great importance. The closest friends are referred to as quinceanera traditional court. The girl gang is called “dramas” and the boys are called “chambelanes”. The day is all about creating memories for your little princess, so throughout the day, she needs to be surrounded by a group of friends.

For a 15-year-old, nothing can be more special on her birthday than to have friends around and have a cool almost adult-like costume party. Not just that, any party is incomplete without a dance. The traditional court prepares a dance routine which they perform specially for the birthday girl. Undoubtedly the young woman dances too. This traditional court’s dance takes months of practice and coordination. Thus, the energy and the excitement to present it on the final day is unparallel for the court as well as the quiceanera.  

B. The Father-Daughter Dance

The Father Daughter Dance on Quinceanera

Every daughter considers her father to be the most important man of her life her first love. And like a wedding reception, the father gets to share the first dance. The song plays a vital role as well as it must be something very close to their heart. As a father, it is always too difficult for you to accept that your little princess has grown up. And there is no one better way than to kick-start her journey towards a new life and new challenges than your. Through this dance, the strong connection between the father and the daughter is vividly noticed. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important and tear-jerking episodes of the entire event.  

C. The Quinceanera Toast

The Quinceanera Toast

Celebrations are incomplete without words of love and praise. As the parents of the birthday girl, you need to share your words of appreciation and love for her. This is an overwhelming moment for everyone present. Not just you, the family and close ones too should have a special toast for her. Finally, it is time for the quinceanera to say what she feels. Every woman gets emotionally caught up at this moment. However, after the emotional dance with the father and the passionate exchange of words, it is the time to brighten and lighten up the party.  

C. Dance and Music

Dance and Music

Music and dance are an integral to any party, and the 15th birthday party of your darling daughter shouldn’t be any less. To keep the traditional quotient intact, the evening starts off with the father-daughter dance.

D. Authentic Cuisine

Authentic Cuisine

Just like any other spectacular event, quinceanera too calls for good food. Both sweet and savory dishes are served to the guests. But, the one item that really makes the party worthwhile is the cake. Look for Quinceanera venues near me where they serve amazing delicacies and have in-house catering services. Make sure that there is a baker too, who will bake the best cake for your daughter’s special day. Read more the complete guide about Quinceanera Traditions

A successful birthday party is always a happy one. The fact that a young girl is slowly stepping her foot into an adult life is worth celebrating. There are a number of banquet halls in Houston where you can throw the best 15-year birthday party for your daughter. Make sure you choose everything correctly for the party from the location, to the dress, the food, the music and undoubtedly the gifts. A successful quinceanera is one which your daughter will remember throughout her life.    

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