What is the best type of cardboard?

Cardboard is the most suitable and common type of packaging material used to give a unique fascinating outlook to a wide range of products. It’s strong, sturdy, lightweight, recyclable, affordable, and easy to work with. But the problem comes when one needs to choose the best cardboard type for a particular range of products as there are many types of cardboard available in the market.

It also matters whether you want to go for generic cardboard boxes to ship products from one place to another or choose custom cosmetic boxes to display your products seamlessly. So, how will you decide? Well, go through the steps given below to end up with the best type of cardboard to use for packaging needs.

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Why Choosing The Best Type Of Cardboard?

Cardboard boxes are product-fit packaging materials that are highly durable, stackable, sturdy, and reliable to transport. Therefore, they are the first choice of every e-commerce business and thus highly in demand nowadays. Similarly, custom cosmetic boxes are also popular as they have unique features and functionality such as handles, flaps, windows, and cushioning layers inside the box to protect items as well as help them display creatively.

There are different types of cardboard available in the market such as paperboard boxes, corrugated fiberboard boxes, mat board boxes, and honeycomb cardboard boxes, all are prepared from the same paper pulp sheets. However, they are not created equal and vary from each other based on the number of layers and strength of the material. Similarly, they all have different usability and reliability to accommodate different product needs.

That’s why you need to choose the best type of cardboard to suit the specific requirements of your products to stand out in the market. To find out the right packaging material, it’s better to explore all types of cardboard to weigh their pros and cons and make an informed decision all the way.

Why Cardboard Packaging Is Important In the Cosmetic Business?

Have you ever wondered why cosmetic boxes are more elegant and eye-catching than regular product boxes? Well, packaging plays a vital role in cosmetic industries as it attracts the sight of viewers, conveys quality, communicates with customers, and influences buying decisions.

Custom cosmetic boxes are created more functional and attractive with additional features such as transport windows, cushioning inserts, high-resolution beauty images, and printing styles. Their purpose is to influence emotions, enhance the first impression of customers, and make it easier to accept new products to be added to their daily routine.

As cosmetic products are meant to stand out on shelves in retail stores, they don’t need to be shipped across long distances. Therefore, the packaging material they used is most commonly a paperboard sheet which is a type of cardboard. This is because paperboard offers a smooth plain surface suitable for printing images and text in different styles.

So, if your products are relevant to cosmetics or even any other retail business category, use paperboard as the best type of cardboard material to level up your packaging game.

Types Of Cardboard Packaging

The most common types of cardboard material are corrugated cardboard, paperboard, Kraft board, and wet-strength cardboard which are used to pack and deliver different types of products across different regions.

  1. Corrugated Paperboard

You’ll definitely interact with corrugated boxes when receiving products from online delivery as they are suitable for shipping products safely. They contain three paper layers, two flat and a middle fluted paper layer sandwiched between two external paper layers. This enhanced material composition and structure of corrugated boxes makes them an ideal choice to transport goods from one place to another.

  • Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard is a thinner yet smoother packaging material used in various industries where the appearance of the product matters a lot. Custom cosmetic boxes are the best example of paperboard boxes. They are made from one or two flat paper layers attached together to cover the products and enhance their appeal. As they have plain textures, they are friendly to customization and easy to work with, yet they are not suitable for transportation.

  • Kraft Board

Kraft board is another type of cardboard known for its strength and durability. It’s made from pure paper pulp which appears dark brown used for shopping bags and carrier boxes to enhance the protection of packaged goods. They are generic types of cardboard and not so friendly to customize. So, if your products need to be visible in the crowd, they might not be the best type of cardboard to go with.

  • Wet Strength Board

They are more resistant to moisture and perfect to protect products in damp or humid environments. Wet strength board is a least known type of cardboard box yet ideal for storing food products to save them from environmental impact.

What Is The Best Type Of Cardboard?

Not all types of cardboard are created the same yet each with varying composition and usability to suit different product needs. So, the right selection of the best type of cardboard boxes depends on your business goals and product specifications.

For instance, if your products need to be shipped across the board, corrugated boxes are the best choice to go with. Similarly, if your products need to be displayed on shelves, go for paperboard packaging or custom cosmetic boxes as they are more user-friendly and attractive options.

In short, not a single type of cardboard can satisfy your all packaging needs. It tends to vary from product to product and you have to find out the best type through trial-and-error method.

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