The Power of Consistency: Aligning Brand Strategy and Brand Voice

Consistency is a vital key to a strong brand while building, as such, it calls for its exactness in every single point of contact. In the continually changing online environment where customers interact with brands across many channels, unifying the brand experience is inevitable. 

This blog post by Ecompapi, Australia’s #1 Brand Strategy Consultant and Brand Voice Consultant, gives insights on the top 10 key facts you need to know when aligning your brand strategy and voice for maximum impact.

1. Defining Your Brand’s Core Values and Personality

To develop a consistent brand voice, one must first shape the essence of the company by defining its core values and personality. These serve as the basis the rest of your marketing campaign will be built upon. Do an extensive market research, study your target audience and identify what differentiates you from other brands.

2. Creating a Brand Identity Manual

A good brand identity manual is the foundation of consistent brand messaging. This document defines the specific character, speech and conveyancing styles to be applied across all forms of communication. It acts as a resource for anyone creating content or engaging with your brand to give it a unified voice.

3. Bringing Brand Voice to life across All Channels

Brand messages should be consistent throughout every point of contact including websites, social media handles, emails, adverts, customer care service etc. Shared values were identified in 64% of cases where consumers associated themselves with some brands (Edelman).

4. Training Your Team

Team training is essential for maintaining a consistent brand voice. Make sure that your entire team buys into the idea of maintaining the same brand voice by conducting regular training on the style guide and why it’s necessary to have one common voice. Tell them that they are expected to embody your company’s persona and beliefs.

5. Keep Monitoring and Adapting

While your brand evolves, the change of taste of your customers is fundamental so you should monitor and adapt on an ongoing basis as well as review the style guide for your brand, seek feedback from consumers and make necessary updates to remain relevant in your brand strategy and voice.

6. User-generated content for Brand Awareness

Making use of the UGC as a part of the brand strategy can be beneficial in boosting the company’s reputation. You’ll have to encourage your clients to share their experiences with your products or services and then spread this information across a range of channels. This content has not only authenticates but also maintains uniformity since it demonstrates how your brand sounds like against your audience.

7. Telling Story: Connecting Emotionally

This form of speech requires more than words or tones alone; instead, it involves creating a bond between you and your listeners by recounting interesting stories. Develop narratives that resonate with the personality of the company and values it holds dear, which are then disseminated through various platforms thus allowing deeper relationships with buyers.

8. Consistency in Visual Branding

While the prime aim of the brand voice is to ensure that the written and spoken communication is consistent, visual branding consistency is just as important. This involves making sure that all your brand’s visual identity aspects such as logos, colour schemes and fonts are consistently used across all platforms to enhance its identity.

9. Measuring and Analyzing Brand Perception

It’s important to measure and analyze brand perception in order to know how effective your brand voice and strategy have been. Use surveys, social media conversation monitoring, and engagement metrics among other tools to understand how your audience perceives you as a brand. Utilize this information to enhance your branding strategies.

10. Partnering with Experts

Building and maintaining a consistent brand voice requires expertise, which is why it’s important to involve professionals because this task cannot be achieved by one individual only. Consider partnering with a respected digital marketing company like Ecompapi which specializes in promoting their services through means of branding tactics and strategies in order for an integrated marketing campaign plan that ensures compatibility between the overall marketing strategy of a business venture.

Real-Life Example: Slack’s Brand Voice

A well-known and commonly used software for cooperation – Slack, keeps talking in one voice all the time. Its brand is always friendly, informal, and often joky. This stable brand strategy and brand voice approach is evident in their adverts, product interfaces as well as customer care interactions. By keeping to their brand personality, they have developed a dedicated community of friends and followers who are attached to them emotionally.


Finally, the alignment of your branding strategy with that of your brand voice is a potent tool for creating a strong and recognizable brand identity. If you follow these top 10 things you should know you will ensure consistency between your brand voice and target audience, which will help build trust as well as loyalty that stimulates emotional attachment. Keep in mind that consistency is important – it can be easily managed by professionals from Ecompapi when you start building your own brand.

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