Essential Rules of Ping Pong & Everything You Should Know

Table tennis is very easy to play and the equipments you need to play table tennis are also not expensive. Only three things you need to play table tennis are table, paddle and ball.

1. Rules for Serving in Table Tennis

  • The server has to hold the ball in hand, over the table and behind the line.
  • After that the ball has to be tossed at least 16 cm in the air.
  • In a single, hit the ball so that it bounces off the server’s side of the table before going to the other side of the net.
  • In doubles, when you serve, you have to hit the ball from your right side to your opponent’s right side.

If you lose serve, do you get a point or not?

If you don’t hit the ball over the net in the right way when it’s your turn to serve, you lose the point. In this game, you only get one chance to serve for each point. If you mess up your serve by hitting the ball into the net or too far, your opponent gets the point instead.

2. Scoring

  • The game is played to 11 points.
  • If a game is tied at 10-10, someone has to win by getting two more points than the other player. When this happens, players take turns serving, with each player getting one serve.
  • The amount of games you play in each match can be different depending on the competition and level.

3. When do you lose the point in table tennis?

  • When service is missed
  • When service is not returned
  • When the ball goes into the net.
  • When the ball goes off the table without touching the ground.
  • When someone moves the table, touches the net, or touches the table with their hand when they shouldn’t.

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What is “Let” in table tennis?

If the ball touches the net but still jumps to the other player’s side of the table, it’s called a let. This means the point has to be played again. But if the ball hits the net and doesn’t go over to the other player’s side, the receiver gets a point without playing again.

Do You have a Point if Your Hit Bounces Back Over the Net itself?

If you hit the ball during a game and it bounces back over the net without the other player touching it, you win the point. This can happen if you hit the ball really well or with a lot of spin.

Is it Allowed to Touch the Ball with Your Paddle Hand?

If the ball touches your hand holding the paddle and it’s a legal hit, you can keep playing. Your hand holding the paddle means all fingers and the area below your wrist. But what if the ball touches your body anywhere else? You can’t touch the ball with your other hand. If you do, your opponent gets a point. However, if your opponent hits the ball over your side of the table without it touching, and it hits you or your paddle, it’s still your point.

What is Good Return in Table Tennis?

In tennis, a good return is when you hit the ball over the net and into your opponent’s side of the court. If the ball comes back over the net on its own during the game, you can hit it like you would if your opponent served it.

Honor System

If there’s no referee around when you’re playing, and you and your opponent can’t agree on a call, just try to be fair and sort it out between yourselves. If you can’t agree, just redo the point. Ping pong is all about playing hard but also playing fair.

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