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Exploring Kelowna’s Hidden Gems: Must See Spots Within Reach

Planning to grow a family or retire in a quiet and wonderful neighbourhood full of natural beauty? Well, Kelowna is the perfect choice since it has all the amenities you need without being too loud and full of natural beauty. Kelowna is close to numerous amazing destinations that make you feel like you are on vacation for the entire year.

Your retirement or family home should match the place you are living in. Instead of buying a pre-owned property, consider building a custom home on a lake view lot for sale in the Okanagan Valley. That allows you to tailor your home to your needs and make it into a sanctuary that fits your dreams.

Let’s check out some amazing destinations that are close to Kelowna:

1. Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park is a large natural park in Kelowna that’s a short drive away from downtown. With over 350 hectares of unadulterated land, this is a true slice of paradise that’s picture perfect in every season. When you visit the park during the spring season, the sun-kissed hills are warm with both locals and tourists spending time hiking, walking, biking and just enjoying the beautiful views.

The park also has several beach access points and the most popular one among them is Paul’s Tomb. Follow the trail to this spot for a quick dip. Looking for quick access to this amazing place? Investing in new developments in West Kelowna is an attractive option.

2. Telemark Nordic Club

Do you enjoy winter sports? Kelowna has your back with the Telemark Nordic Club. The club was founded back in the 70s by a bunch of Nordic skiing enthusiasts and has now become an ideal destination during the winter months. Even if you aren’t into Nordic skiing, you are free to do recreational skiing, snowshoeing, and other adventures in the snow.

Apart from that, this park also receives biathlon enthusiasts who perform cross country skiing while combining rifle shooting. With breathtaking views and amazing trails, you’ll never have a dull day. When you buy a West Kelowna to build your home, you can buy an annual pass to the park and access this 2500 acre facility throughout the seasons.

3. Myra Canyon Trestles

Myra Canyon Trestles is a section of the Kettle Valley Railway. It has become an iconic landmark that has become a must visit for all tourists. You can choose to walk or pedal through the trail that consists of a couple of tunnels and several trestles. The trail is also high up the mountain and stays cooler compared to the lower lands during the summer months. While you ride along this trail, you also get to see breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

4. Stuart Park Skate Rink

Stuart Park Skate Rink is an amazing waterfront park with a large plaza that turns into a skating rink during the winter season. When you build a home after buying a new lot for sale in Kelowna, you can drop in for casual skating anytime between 6 am and 11 pm. Skip Monday evenings since that’s time for maintenance. This place looks magical during the holidays when it is decorated with beautiful Christmas lights.

5. Mill Creek Park

When warmth returns to the valley during March and the snow starts to melt away, the entire Okanagan region comes alive with roaring waterfalls. These waterfalls have ample natural beauty as they make their way along the unpredictable terrain. If you are looking to go waterfall spotting, head over to Mill Creek Park. While the trail is flat, it tends to get slippery as the shade keeps some of the snow from melting away.

6. Okanagan Rail Trail

This trail is picture perfect throughout the year. However, it presents different flavours with changing seasons. When you ride through it during the fall season, you get to see orange and golden leaves adorning the streets with a crystal-clear lake next to you.

Kelowna offers an idyllic setting for laying down your roots in tranquillity. Choosing a lot for sale in West Kelowna allows you to craft a custom home in this picturesque haven. With diverse destinations like Knox Mountain Park and Myra Canyon Trestles, Kelowna promises a year-round vacation vibe. You get the perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational delights for your dream lifestyle when you buy a home here.


The passage describes Kelowna as an ideal location for those planning to start a family or retire in a peaceful and beautiful neighborhood. It highlights the option of building a custom home on a lake view lot in the Okanagan Valley, emphasizing the opportunity to tailor the home to individual needs. The passage then explores various attractions near Kelowna, including Knox Mountain Park, Telemark Nordic Club, Myra Canyon Trestles, Stuart Park Skate Rink, Mill Creek Park, and the Okanagan Rail Trail. These destinations offer a mix of natural beauty and recreational activities, making Kelowna a year-round vacation-like setting. The text also suggests considering new developments in West Kelowna for easy access to some of these attractions. Overall, it presents Kelowna as an appealing place to establish roots for a tranquil and recreational lifestyle.

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