Humane AI Pin: Price, Features, and Functionalities

Humane AI was first introduced on November 9th 2023 in the Coperni SS24 show in Paris. Imran Chaudhri is the Cofounder of the AI Pin. The device is integrated with the latest OpenAI’s ChatGPT and uses other software. The AI Pin is a wearable device affixed using magnets or a latch. Its cameras and sensors that project app functionalities onto user’s palms and nearby surfaces and have optical sensors for contextual ambient computing interactions.

What’s a Humane AI Pin?

The Humane AI Pin is a small device you wear. It acts like a smartphone but doesn’t have a screen. You can attach it to your clothes. It uses voice commands and can show things on your hand. It comes in three colors and does many things like a phone. Moreover, you can use voice and hand movements to do things like making calls, sending messages, and showing information on your hand. The AI Pin has cool features and aims to be a part of your daily life like a helpful friend.

Features and Functionalities

The Humane AI Pin is like having a helpful friend in a small device. It’s integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other softwares which allows it to understand, use voice and do things you ask, such as calling someone, sending messages, or setting up meetings. This clever device also has a special light called ‘Trust Light’ that turns on when it’s using its sensors or camera which lets you know when it’s active to protect your privacy. All these features and functionalities are discussed below in detail.

1. Design and Physical Aspects

  • Attachment: The device can be pinned to clothes using magnets or a latch.
  • Colours: Available in three colours: Lunar (white), Equinox (silver), and Eclipse (black).
  • Housing Material: Made from shiny aluminium, it looks a lot like Apple’s iPhone design.
  • Compactness: The device is a small square-shaped wearable with a slightly forward-stretched head and contains cameras, sensors, and projection capabilities.

2. Functionalities

  • Projection Technology: Cameras and sensors project app interfaces and smartphone functionalities onto the user’s palm and other surfaces.
  • Voice Control: Utilizes voice recognition for smart assistant functionalities which allows users to give commands, make calls, send texts, schedule appointments, and get accurate answers.
  • Privacy Features: Includes a ‘Trust Light’ that indicates when sensors, microphone, or camera are recording which ensures user awareness of active recording.
  • Gesture Control: Heavy reliance on gestures for device operation, such as tilting the hand to skip or listen to previous tracks, and making pinch gestures for play/pause functionalities.

3. AI Integration and Operating System

  • Software Integration: use OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other software for natural language processing and seamless interaction with the device.
  • Operating System: Runs on Cosmos (or CosmOS), a proprietary operating system infused with AI which provides a framework for AI experiences and services without the need for traditional apps.

4. Hardware and Components

  • Processor: Powered by a Qualcomm chip for processing AI tasks and sensor data.
  • Camera: Features a 13MP ultra-wide camera.
  • Battery: Equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with wireless charging capabilities.
  • Display: Utilizes a Laser Ink Display that projects text, graphics, and UI elements onto the user’s palm.

5. Connectivity and Subscription:

  • Wireless Network: Operates on a Humane-branded wireless network built atop T-Mobile’s infrastructure.
  • Subscription: The device comes with a monthly subscription fee of $24 in addition to the initial purchase price of $699.

6. Interaction and Customization:

  • User Interaction: Interactions with the device involve voice commands and touch gestures, with a touchpad that offers multi-gesture support.
  • Customization: Users can customize their device experience off-device through the Humane. centre service which manages data and tailors device services to individual preferences.

Innovative User Experience

The user experience of this device is very impressive. The Humane AI Pin works by itself, you don’t need to connect to a phone or projector. You can use hand movements to show things on your hand and do stuff like playing music, changing songs, writing messages with different feelings, and quickly finding useful info.

Design and Inspiration

The Humane AI Pin design is Similar to Apple’s design style. The AI Pin’s aluminium casing comes in Lunar, Equinox, and Eclipse colours, which shows the influence of its creators who previously worked at Apple. Imran Chaudhri and co-founder Bethany Bongiorno have worked extensively at Apple, and have left their mark on the device’s design and quality. The device is available for pre-order from November 16th at a price of $699.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The AI Pin has a Qualcomm chip and AI. The AI Pin works without a typical screen. It projects info using a Laser Ink Display on the user’s palm. Backed by OpenAI and Microsoft, the AI capabilities will continue expanding to offer new services and features.

Future Implications and Reception

Humane’s AI Pin marks a big move towards ambient computing that aims to smoothly blend AI into everyday routines. The AI Pin is sparking excitement and optimism, but some uncertainties remain about its ability to fully replace smartphones. Still, this innovation showcases the constant push for tech advancements from big companies and agile startups alike.


The Humane AI Pin is a tiny wearable device that acts like a smartphone but without a screen. It attaches to your clothes and can do lots of things using voice commands. It’s sleek and looks like an iPhone, available in three colours. The AI Pin is loaded with technology and aims to make AI a part of our daily lives, but it might not replace smartphones entirely. It shows how tech companies keep innovating to make cool gadgets!


1. What does the AI pin actually do?

The AI Pin by Humane is a wearable device that functions similarly to a smartphone but without a screen. It attaches to clothing and projects information and smartphone functionalities onto the user’s palm or nearby surfaces. It can perform tasks like making calls, sending messages, playing music, scheduling appointments, and accessing information using voice commands and gestures.

2. Who owns a Humane AI pin?

Humane is the company that owns and produces the AI Pin. The founders of Humane are Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno.

3. How much does the AI Pin cost?

The price of the AI Pin is $699. Additionally, a subscription fee of $24 per month might be associated with the device.

4. How does Humane AI work?

Humane AI employs advanced technologies like AI, voice recognition, gesture controls, and projection technology to enable users to interact with the device without a screen. It uses sensors, cameras, and a Laser Ink Display to project information and perform various tasks based on user commands.

5. What is Humane’s product?

Humane’s flagship product is the AI Pin, which is a wearable device that integrates AI and advanced technologies to perform smartphone-like functions without a conventional screen. It aims to enhance daily life interactions by seamlessly incorporating AI into various activities.

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