3 Methods on How to Hide Cash App History

Money can be sent and received easily with the help of the well-known mobile payment app Cash App. But occasionally, you might want to conceal your Cash App history for privacy reasons. In this article, we’ll look at three techniques for How To Hide Cash App History and give some advice on things to think about before cancelling your Cash App account.

1. Closing A Cash App Account Using A Mobile Device

Closing your account immediately from your mobile device is one approach to remove the Cash App’s history. What you can do is as follows:

The Cash App Should Be Opened On Your Smartphone.

  • The profile icon is in the top-left corner of the screen. Tap it to access your profile.
  • A list of choices will appear; scroll down and choose “Support”.
  • Select “Account Settings” after tapping “Something Else.”
  • To close your Cash App account, select the option “Close My Cash App Account” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The app’s transaction history is actually deleted when you close your Cash App account.
how do i hide transactions on cash app

2. Delete Your Cash App Account From Your PC Using

Follow these steps if you want to remove your Cash App account from a PC:

  • Log into your account by visiting the Cash App website at
  • On the screen’s upper right corner, select the “Profile” icon.
  • from the drop-down option, choose “Support”.
  • Select “Account Settings” by clicking “Something Else” first.
  • Click “Close My Cash App Account” on the account settings screen, then adhere to the prompts to close your account.
  • Your transaction history will be obscured and deleted from Cash App when you delete your account from a PC.

3. Recording And Erasing Cash App Transaction History

You may store your transaction history, remove it, and then preserve a record of your Cash App transactions while hiding them from view. As an example:

  • The Cash App should be opened on your smartphone.
  • To view your transaction history, tap on the clock symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Take screenshots or save them to a secure location as you scroll through the transactions.
  • Using the left-side swipe and the “Delete” option after preserving your transaction history, you can remove each transaction separately.
  • You can save a record while preserving privacy within the Cash App by externally saving your transaction history and erasing it.

Things To Take Into Account Before Closing Your Cash App Account

Consider the following criteria before cancelling your Cash App account:


Before terminating your Cash App account, make sure to transfer any remaining monies to your associated bank account.

Prior to Cancelling your Cash App account,

Please be sure to cancel any subscription services that are connected to it, such as Cash App Boosts.

Peer-to-Peer Payments:

To prevent any difficulty, let your friends and family members know that your Cash App account will be closed if you repeatedly send and receive money from them.


You can use several techniques to hide your Cash App history. To delete your account and your transaction history, you can do it straight from your mobile device or computer. You can also externally save your transaction history and then delete it from the app. Before you delete your Cash App account, keep in mind variables like finances, subscription services, and Peer-to-peer payments.


When utilising payment apps like Cash App, it’s critical to protect your privacy. You may conceal your Cash App history and keep control of your money by using the techniques described in this article. Prioritise the protection of your finances and personal information at all times and keep in mind the criteria above before cancelling your account.


Why Must I Keep My Cash App History Hidden?

To protect their privacy and keep their financial transactions under wraps, some users choose to hide their Cash App history.

After Uninstalling One, Can I Create Another Cash App?

Following the deletion of your existing Cash App account, you may create a new one. A new account must be created with a different email address or phone number, though.

Does closing the account after removing Cash App?

Yes, deactivating your Cash App account will actually close it and remove all of your transaction history from the app.

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