How To Ace Speaking Test? Join IELTS Coaching In Jaipur

Cracking the IELTS exam is a challenging task, specifically the speaking test. So, are you from the Pink City and struggling in the IELTS speaking section? If you are, then this is the right place. The IELTS coaching institutes teach students some crucial aspects and tips to prepare for the exam in the given points below. So, this article will focus on some essential steps and strategies to ace this section. However, students can refer to the top IELTS coaching in Jaipur if they want proper guidance for the exam.

Understanding the Concept of the IELTS Speaking Test 

The IELTS exam consists of four sections that test different abilities of students. One of them is Speaking, which examines pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary based on responses by students. It is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the interviewer and speak on known topics. Clearing this part can be tough for students as it requires regular practice and confidence. However, students can read this article and learn from IELTS coaching experts, who provide some insights on this topic. Thus, read the given points below for a better understanding.

Top Notch Tips for the Test

Interviews can indeed make any student nervous and fumble. The examiners are aware of this issue and do not expect a formed answer. They look for students who can engage in a meaningful conversation with creative outlooks while using a rich vocabulary. Interviewers examine the confidence level of the students and the ability to speak their thoughts.

Learn the Format

The first step to preparing for the speaking test is mastering the format. Once you learn the structure and familiarize yourself with the essential points, the process sounds simple. There are three parts in this step, they are as follows

  • Introduction and Interview: Start by introducing yourself to the interviewer, followed by some questions on familiar topics.
  • Long Turn: This round tests your ability to speak fluently for at least two minutes on a given topic.
  • Discussion: The interviewer will ask in-depth questions about the topic from the last round and ask you to engage in a meaningful conversation.

So, understanding these three steps is vital to creating strategies with specific objectives in mind. It will help students to be aware of the process and answer accordingly. Thus, if the scholars want expert guidance to prepare for this exam, they can apply to any recognized coaching institutes. Since there are many recognized and trusted IELTS coaching in Jaipur for them to choose from.

Improve Vocabulary

A rich and strong vocabulary is your weapon. The more creative you are with the choice of words, the more effectively you can express yourself. Learn some new words and phrases by reading articles, books and reference material relevant to the speaking topics.

Practise Makes Perfect

Practising every day is your pathway to success. Try to speak in English more and utilize it in your daily tasks. It is not required to have a listener to test your skills, record yourself, look for mistakes and mispronunciations and learn from them. Taking it as a habit rather than a task can make the process simple.


The one factor you must ensure when preparing for the IELTS speaking test is pronunciation. It is very normal to make mistakes and pronounce some words wrong. As that is the way to improve and speak your thoughts. The experts from IELTS coaching in Jaipur suggest that students should talk with some pauses to sound clear in interviews.

Expand on Ideas

In the discussion round, expand your answers by providing examples, explanations and viewpoints. It expresses your willingness to engage in conversations and express complex ideas. Try to avoid memorizing answers, as the interviewers want you to express some natural and creative outlooks on the topic. Use transition words in your answers like these examples, “firstly,” “moreover,” “conclusion” and more.

Time Management

Managing your time is necessary in the last round of the interview process. There is a decided time for every round; the students get about 3-5 minutes to speak their answers. So make sure you do not spend too long on one question. To clear the round, answer in the given time limit to show that you came prepared for the interview.

Stay Confident

The last and crucial step is to be calm and confident, as the interviewer is not here to judge you but to assess your skills. Revise your answers, take a deep breath, maintain eye contact and be polite. Try to stay composed even if you stumble on an unfamiliar question. If students want to take a professional course, then many IELTS coaching online and offline are available for them to apply in Jaipur.


In conclusion, the key to acing the speaking section in the IELTS exams is to practise, exercise and gain confidence. This article provides the necessary steps to prepare well and aim for a great band score from the IELTS coaching online experts in Jaipur. Learning these points will allow scholars to be more expressive and can face the test with ease. Thus, to crack the interview process and the exam, students can read the above points for a better understanding.

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