Four Age-related Programs in IB School in Singapore


Education is the most powerful weapon in this world. An educated person can achieve milestones through their knowledge. However, such milestones will only be achieved if your child is given an education that is proper and accurately constructed. Such education will build your child’s life on a solid foundation without any doubt. 

IB provides such education with four programs that will enhance your child’s career. Let us help you with a detailed knowledge of the IB programs in an IB school in Singapore below.

Four Age-related Programs in IB Schoo

1. Primary years program or PYP – Children between the ages of 3 to 12 can enroll in this program. This program will help your child gain knowledge and understand different concepts. It even helps them to pick up various skills and attributes which will make a tremendous difference in their lives. 


Enrolling in such a program at an IB school in Singapore will help your child’s development. It is a very transformative program that helps your child transform into someone amazing. Moreover, this transformative program is provided to your child in a very engaging way that is relevant for them to understand better.


The primary year’s program helps your child to learn to take ownership. In addition, it builds up the confidence level of your child. This confidence helps them to collaborate with their teacher to deepen their knowledge. They become self-motivated and active, which helps them to become self-regulated learners.  

  1. The learners – In this program, your children will learn to believe in their own beliefs. It identifies the potential of your child and shapes them accordingly. Your child will be valued as they were, as they are, and will be in the future. 
  2. The teachings – An Indian high school also provides this program to help their students gain vast knowledge and make a bigger difference in their lives. Through this program, your child is always taught topics that are concept-driven and inquiry-based. 


2. Middle years program or MYP in an Indian high school – Middle years program is a challenging one. Children between the ages of 11 and 16 can enrol in this program. It encourages your child to make connections between their studies and the real world in a practical way. With the completion of this program, you would be eligible to enrol in the IB Diploma program or IB Career-related program. This program includes eight subject groups and these subjects will provide your child with a balanced education.


You must ensure that your child takes part in the assessment as it is mandatory because your child will be graded through IB validation on the basis of their assessment and coursework. However, the most interesting part is that all the students who are interested or have any academic abilities will benefit immensely from this program in IB school in Singapore. 


3. Diploma program or DP – Choosing the IB Diploma program will benefit your child tremendously. It is open to children who are in the age group of 16 to 19. This program aims to develop a child who has vast knowledge. And it will help your child flourish physically and intellectually. This program contains six subject groups with DP core, compromising theory of knowledge, and extended essay. Through the DP core, your child will be able to complete the research independently and participate in a project related to community services.


The advanced and basic academic skills of your child will be assessed to understand their achievements. They will be graded on an assessment basis. They will be graded on how good they are at analyzing and presenting the topic. and their evaluations and the construction of their arguments will also be observed. They will also be graded on how creative your child is in problem-solving.


Your child will be able to understand the key concept of the given topic with the help of this program. The assessment would be done to see how good they are at it. They will even be taught to apply standard methods, which will also be evaluated by the end of this program at the IB school in Singapore. 


4. Career-related program or CD in IB school in Singapore – A career-related program is career-related education. And it is open to the age group of 16 to 19. This program revolves around the career-related needs of your child. This program includes four components with career-related studies. DP program provides a thorough theoretical curriculum to help your child in their career-related studies. This program helps your child to learn a lesson that they can implement in their life. 

Your child will be able to benefit immensely through this program in IB school and even in Indian high school. Let us go through some of these benefits that will help your child to flourish in their career.

  1. Choosing to follow the education provided by this program will help your child to set a clear pathway for a career. It will help them to have a set goal to work hard on. They will even be able to achieve it in a later period by exercising whatever they have learned in this program.


  1. They will be taught to engage in learning that will bring positive difference in their communities. It will help them to engage in only positive things and learn as well. Because they will know that positive differences come only with positive learning.


  1. This program in IB schools and even in an Indian high school will help your child build up a very strong confidence level. They will even be taught about self-awareness. This helps them to be more open to confront and learn new things with others in a team.  


Rounding Off

Having an education like this will help your child flourish tremendously. With such exceptional programs, your child will learn to be strong, confident, self-aware, good at keeping their points, etc. They will be able to pave the paths to their career without being concerned.

Are you ready to enroll your child in IB programs? Kindly get in touch with the concerned person at Global International Indian School!

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