Amazon Case Study Account Under Review – Section 3 Compliance


Meet Sheharyar Ahmed Khan a skilled entrepreneur who has mastered the art of operating a hybrid business model involving both wholesale and online arbitrage. In a recent challenge, he faced a situation where Amazon placed his account under review, specifically focusing on Section 3 compliance.


Five months ago, Sheharyar Ahmed Khan made a strategic decision to disconnect all Online Arbitrage (OA) listings. However, three weeks ago, Amazon threw a curveball by requesting ASIN specific invoices for products sold eight months prior.

Problem Solving Approach:

Sheharyar Ahmed Khan didn’t back down. Instead, he took a proactive approach. He edited a supplier invoice, incorporating details of the target ASIN, and modified a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) invoice to align the subtotal with the bank statement.

Strategic Execution:

The key to success was adopting a meticulous strategy. Sheharyar Ahmed Khan ensured that the total amount on the submitted invoice precisely matched the corresponding bank statement transactions. This meticulous approach provided critical evidence of the legitimacy of the transactions.

Section 3 Compliance:

Navigating the intricacies of Section 3 compliance was crucial. Sheharyar Ahmed Khan, took careful steps to ensure all necessary elements were in place. Amazon acknowledged the provided documentation and validated the legitimacy of the transactions, leading to the swift reinstatement of his seller’s account on the first attempt.

Some Images of this Case Study

image of the Case Study Amazon Account Under Review Section 3 Compliance
Anothe image of the Case Study Amazon Account Under Review Section 3 Compliance


In a world where online marketplaces are becoming increasingly vigilant, Sheharyar Ahmed Khan demonstrated resilience, strategic thinking, and a thorough understanding of compliance regulations. This case study serves as a testament to his ability to overcome challenges and maintain a successful online business.

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