7 Tips for Keeping Dogs Comfortable and Safe During Summer

Summer is hotter this year, and many dogs and other pets struggle to survive. This is why pet owners should look for ways to make their pets feel comfortable. As you know, pets, including dogs are defenceless against extreme heat.

Besides, if people tend to feel uneasy when it’s hot, dogs can feel much heat, considering they’re covered with fur. So, even if summer is the best time to play outside and have fun at the beach, there are things you should keep in mind to make sure your dogs also enjoy.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for keeping your dogs comfortable during summer.

1. Stay Hydrated

Dogs need to stay hydrated as much as humans, especially during the hot weather. If you’re outside, make sure to pack some water for your dogs. Invest in an outdoor bowl with insulation, so that the water can stay cold for at least a few minutes.

Aside from providing cold water, you should also make sure it’s clean and safe to drink. Additionally, the amount of water you should pack for your dogs should last for the whole trip. It’s best if you can pack small containers with water and frozen treats to avoid defrosting all your rehydrating kit.

2. Balanced Exercise

Exercising is important to dogs, but there are circumstances when you need to limit their physical activities. One of which is when it’s too hot outside. If you often walk your dog when the sun’s out, try to adjust your schedule to avoid being exposed to too much heat.

Usually, it’s hot around 10 AM to 4 PM, so try exercising your dog between those times. Additionally, there are times when the road can be too hot even if it’s after 4 PM, so make sure to protect your dog’s paws. On the other hand, if you have a busy schedule during those times, try to improvise more indoor exercises.

3. Provide Shade and Shelter

Whether your dog often stays outside or you’re on a trip, always provide shade or shelter where they can rest. It can be a dog house, an umbrella, a kiddie pool, or a stay under the tree. Of course, if possible, avoid placing their rest area in direct sunlight.

Meanwhile, if you’re setting up a kiddie pool, take time to check the temperature once in a while to make sure it’s not too hot for your furry friend. As for the dog house, make sure there’s a cooling bed inside to keep your dog safe from irritation.


4. Don’t Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car

Even humans feel sick when trapped inside a hot car. Even if you think opening the window can make a difference, it doesn’t have much effect. So, as much as possible, avoid leaving your dogs and other pets inside a hot car. You’ll never know what’ll happen. The worst-case scenario is that they die of heatstroke, and no one deserves to suffer like that. Besides, even if it’s relatively cold outside, the temperature inside the car can be hotter.

If ever you’re going out to do some errands, it’s safe to leave the dog in your house where they have enough ventilation.

5. Observe for Signs of Overheating

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the common illnesses of your pet. When it comes to heatstrokes, dogs can sometimes pant excessively, vomit, drool, collapse, and have a rapid heart rate.

If you think your dog is overheating, bring them to a cool place, have them drink some water, and put a wet towel all over their body. If possible, bring them to the veterinarian immediately for proper care and first aid.

However, to avoid overheating and heatstroke, always observe your dogs and keep them from being exposed to too much heat.

6. Groom Regularly

Regular grooming is another way to keep your dogs feeling comfortable. Since they’re covered with fur, they can sometimes feel irritated if they grow too long. Consider bringing them for a regular haircut, but avoid cutting too short since they need fur to protect them from sunburn.

Speaking of sunburn, having a dog-safe sunscreen is also a must in the hot season. YOu should apply it to your dog’s exposed parts, such as ears and nose.


7. Provide Cooling Tools

Cheque out animal health solutions or pet stores for cooling tools. Nowadays, many tools and products can help dogs stay cool. Some of these include cooling collars, coats, harnesses, chew toys, and mats. Although these things can be a bit pricey, investing in some of them can significantly help your pet, so they’re worth it.

Meanwhile, if you’re not too keen on these products, there are other options, like drenching towels in cold water and using them to cover your dog’s body.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring your dog stays healthy and comfortable this summer comes with various measures. So, when the heat comes to your area, you should always be prepared to attend to your furry friend’s needs.

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