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6 Best Treadmills with Large TV Screens and Netflix

You are running for your life. Your lungs are exhausted. Adrenaline is pumping through your blood. You can hear the sirens of police and helicopters hovering clearly above your head. Your body is sweating profusely. Without a warning,  gunfires open. It starts to rain bullets. You can hear the screaming of people, fleeing the scene to save their lives. 

But you are not hurt. Why?

Because you are on a treadmill at your home and working out while watching Netflix. 

In this article, we discussed the 6 Best Treadmills with Large TV Screen and Netflix. These are the emotions you get when you have a treadmill with a TV screen and Netflix.

Why a Treadmill with TV Screen and Netflix?

Treadmills are one of the most effective training equipment. Not only is a treadmill super easy to use but using a treadmill will improve our health drastically. It is the best workout equipment to keep fit and have a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the recent pandemic of COVID-19 has proved that home workout is a beneficial thing. In these perilous times, people could not step a foot outside. They were confined in their homes and their health and lifestyle deteriorated day by day. Many people bought treadmills and started to train more at home than in gyms as it saved a lot of money without endangering their lives. 

But running on the treadmill can be a boring activity. Most of the workouts are the same with little to no variation. Such monotonous activities will exhaust you quickly. You have to add a little spice to your workouts. Something to keep you entertained and something to keep you motivated. So have you ever wondered if any treadmills allow you to stream Netflix or other streaming services? If so, then you have not wasted any of your brain cells. Many companies have started to add HD Television screens to treadmills with built-in streaming and training apps. 

The Merits of Having a Treadmill with TV and Internet.

If you ever combine the comfort of home with your enthusiasm for fitness, then you should never fall victim to boredom. Therefore, you must buy a treadmill that entertains you as well. 

But why should you buy a treadmill with such flashy features apart from eradicating boredom? Here is the list of benefits you stand to gain from such a treadmill. 

Keeps You Motivated

Staying motivated is the foremost requirement of venturing into any fitness workout or any other tough and demanding job. You must feel energetic at all times so that you reap more benefits from high-intensity workouts. Can you imagine leaving a HIIT workout session halfway just because you lose heart? Getting demotivated while training on the treadmill is the foremost reason many people fail to achieve their fitness goals. If you want to stay energetic and motivated, then you should indulge yourself in entertaining activities so that time passes more quickly while you are on the belt.

Improves Your Training

You might be surprised to learn that watching any series will improve your concentration during a workout and make it more fruitful. The answer is simple. Adrenaline. Just imagine the adrenaline pumping through your veins while you are on the belt and watching the genius Professor’s formidable team pulling an impossible heist on the National Bank of Spain.

When adrenaline is released, your muscles become more active and oxygen uptake by the lungs increases as the depth of breathing increases. Your muscles get more energy for contractions as a result of aerobic respiration. Also, adrenaline secretion reduces the amount of lactic acid that builds up in the muscles and causes cramps. Therefore, your running exercise is more healthy this way and you can reach your objectives earlier. You will push your body and test your limits which makes your heart more enduring.

Saves Time and Money

Let’s face it. If you have joined the gym, it is sometimes a huge burden on your wallet as well as yourself. It costs a lot of bucks to pay the membership fees etc and it hurts when you do not get any proper entertainment at the gym besides the usual music. Moreover, you will waste precious time if you train at the gym and then return home to relax and enjoy yourself. If you have a treadmill with Netflix then you can perform multiple tasks at the same time. It will save you a lot of time which you can spend with your family or do something else like reading a book, painting, etc. 

The 6 Best Treadmills With HD TV and Netflix

Selecting a treadmill is no doubt a hefty and demanding job. There are several things you should consider when buying one. And if you are into movies and stuff, then the task does not get more difficult. You have to check all the features ranging from the screen size to the audio quality. 

However, we have made the task easy for you. Just take a look at the list of treadmills that we have selected and then select what suits you

1. NordicTrack Commercial 2950

Best Treadmills With HD TV and Netflix 1st option is NordicTrack Commercial 2950

NordicTrack Commercial 2950

  • The frame is durable and can withstand heavy weight.
  • Ultra-widescreen that outshines its cousins and competitors. 
  • It comes with a 10-year frame warranty.

If you want to splash some big bucks on a treadmill that has all the features you need then the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is the best one for you. It is the best smart treadmill out there with the internet and Netflix. Just like its cousin, the 2450 commercial variant, it has a cinematic HD screen that has a diagonal of 22 inches. 

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your workouts and stay motivated during the cardio training at home then you should be confident when you buy this beast. The ultra-wide HD display will bring more flair to your training sessions and its mind-blowing interactive screen that comes with iFit keeps you on the right track while running. 

As compared to many competitive products that offer iFit, 2950 will give you the feeling of sitting in a premium cinema and allows you to enjoy exceptional audio and video quality to soothe your mind. 

What’s more? 

It comes with more durable frames and the deck can incline up to 17 inches which is quite a lot. Therefore, if you are already tall and want to use its incline feature then make adequate measurements before buying the treadmill. Moreover, it includes 12-month iFit family membership and 5 individual coaching profiles. You will never get bored of its features which include the incline and decline, and adjustment of speed. You can simulate races and hiking to train better. 

It has an engine that is 4 horsepower strong and attains a maximum speed of 12 mph. The deck size is 60 inches so you can stride on the belt freely. To save space, you can fold the deck once you are finished with your workouts. 

If you ask me the pros and cons then take a look below:


  • It is worth it. This product is one of the top-notch products available.
  • It has an ultra-widescreen that outshines its cousins and competitors. 
  • The frame is durable and can withstand heavy weight. 
  • It comes with a 10-year frame warranty.


  • It is expensive for low-income fitness enthusiasts. 
  • A speed of 12 mph may not be the best for a HIIT workout. 

2. NordicTrack 2450 Commercial

NordicTrack Commercial 2450

The younger brother, if I say, of NordicTrack 2950 is 2450. It is another very compact and complete treadmill that offers you a wide TV screen to combine fitness with entertainment. Besides this, it offers the best commercial value you can get for such a complete piece of equipment. It is rare to find a treadmill with a TV screen and Netflix under the price tag of $2500. Therefore, it is a relatively accessible treadmill in the market. 

However, it has a 14-inch touchscreen that is 8 inches smaller than the one mentioned earlier. Even though, it might be considered a drawback but may users find it more friendly to use. The live touchscreen is sizeable and people can swipe across tabs with more ease. Moreover, it has an HDMI port which allows you to connect other gadgets and consoles with the treadmill, for example, a PS5. Just imagine playing GTA 5 while running on the belt. Surely, the experience must be intriguing. 

Besides this, NordicTrack 2450 is blue tooth compatible and allows the users to connect their phones to the machine so they can play their favorite music. 

If you are low on cash, then you should consider this cardio home workout machine.  For $2000, this treadmill fulfills the requirement of fitness and entertainment combined. 

Moreover, when you buy this treadmill you will get 1-year membership of iFit to train better and more efficiently. 

The NordicTrack 2450 has a 4-horsepower engine and attains a maximum speed of 12 mph. The deck can incline and decline up to 12%. It has 40 programs along with iFit membership courses that allow the users to get a better training experience under the guidance of professional trainers.

Other features include: 


  • Free iFit 1 Year Membership for a family
  • A foldable deck allows you to save more space
  • Large deck of 20×60 inches. Taller people can use it more conveniently.
  • Flex Select Cushioning provides support when using the belt.
  • Supports a weight of up to 300 pounds.
  • 10-year frame guarantee along with a 2-year guarantee for machine parts and components.


  • Costly for low-earning people.
  • 12 mph is not strong enough for some people’s ambitions of fitness.

3. NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

NordicTrack Commercial 2450

The NordicTrack is an elite treadmill with all the features you can want in a residential treadmill. It comes with a 14″ HD display which is user-friendly and touch-sensitive. It features various modes from which you can choose the favorite one that suits you so that you may train more professionally. 

It is one of the top treadmills that boast a high-quality audio system and speakers to blast your music in your apartment. The TV screen is just not about viewing videos but it also provides you with the extra motivation that you need to get in shape.

It comes with a 30-day iFit membership that allows you to access various training lessons under the guidance of expert trainers. It comes with a Flex Select Cushioning that balances your movements. The belt is top-notch it does not need regular replacement or lubrication.

The TV screen provides crisp graphics and high-resolution videos to keep you entertained. The treadmill has an auxiliary sound port and you can connect other devices to the treadmill as well to enhance your experience. You can set the speed and incline via the touch screen. 

The treadmill has a 2.5 horsepower motorized incline and achieves a maximum speed of 10 mph. You can change the incline up to 10% to do more vigorous exercise. The deck is the normal size that usually most treadmills offer I.e. 20×55 inches. 


  • Bright and High Resolution 14″ display.
  • High-end features and tech for an affordable price tag.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Cushioning in the deck can be switched on or off.
  • Textured, 4 inches no-slip rails for better gripping.
  • Affordable and Foldable to save money and space.
  • Supports weight up to 300 pounds.


  • Not meant for HIIT workouts as the maximum speed is just 10 mph.
  • Chest strap for heart rate monitoring not included.
  • No fans on the console.

4. Matrix Fitness TF50 Treadmill with XR Console

Matrix Fitness TF50 Treadmill with XR Console

The Matrix TF50 is an elegant treadmill with a sleek design that is perfect for any room or gymnasium. If you use it once, you won’t be able to live without this graceful treadmill. 

It is perfect for all those who want to burn some calories while watching Netflix as it keeps them away from boredom. It is the formidable leading treadmill in the Matrix Treadmill Residential Collection. This skillfully constructed machine has a deck of 60″ by 20″ which is the normal size nowadays. 

The Matrix Console comes in 3 variants. The top-notch variant has impressive colors, speakers, touchscreens, virtual assistants, and training programs to guide you through your workouts.

Besides this, it comes with a 3.5 Horsepower motorized incline. It can achieve a speed up to 12.5 mph and you can incline the deck up to 15% which is favorable for burning some extra calories. The belt has proper cushioning that allows you to run without losing balance. It weighs 300 pounds but can support a weight up to 400 pounds, making it ideal for overweight users who want to shed some weight.

All 3 variants of the Matrix TF50 console, mainly the XR, XER, and XIR, have similar features. They consist of wireless heart rate sensors to measure pulse rate. They all have power-saving modes, bottle holders, and other flashy features. The XER and XIR support touchscreen displays and allow you to install applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix that will help you to stay motivated during your workouts. The XIR also has a web browser so surfing on the internet won’t be a problem anymore. You can use your headset to listen to audio or video or you can use the built-in speakers to watch anything you want on Youtube or Hulu etc.

The Matrix TF50 can fold easily to have extra space in your apartment. It comes with a seven-year warranty for the belt, frame, and cushioning.


  • User-friendly and easy to set up.
  • Good inclining and high-quality belt with extra cushioning.
  • Allows you to install applications of your own choice.
  • Supports a weight of up to 400 pounds.
  • Easily folded to save space.
  • Wireless sensors to measure pulse rate and blood pressure etc. 


  • It is overpriced
  • The treadmill is quite heavy. It weighs 300 pounds without the console alone.

5. ProForm Power 1295i Treadmill with TV Screen

Matrix Fitness TF50 Treadmill with XR Console

The Proform treadmill is used for regular daily running. It has several similarities with the regular gym treadmill, like the maximum achievable speed of 12 mph and a 3.5 CHP Mach Z which makes it superior to many other home treadmills. 

It has a 7-inch HD Display screen and an incline of 12%. The deck is quite spacious with measurements of 20″ by 60″ so you can move your legs freely.

The 7-inch HD screen is touch-sensitive and has all iFit training programs. You can even access Google maps and the street view feature on the screen. The Proform Power 1295i contains an auxiliary port for audio connections along with Blue tooth compatibility that will allow you to play enthusiastic music to get that extra inspiration. To make a cardio workout cooler, it has a built-in fan and water bottle holder for your comfort. Its hydraulic press system provides support and cushion and support to the runner which makes it very reliable for people with balance issues.

The deck has its qualities. The 12% incline feature will help you to burn some extra calories by forcing you to be more vigorous and intensive in your workouts. It has a built-in heart rate monitoring sensor that keeps track of your cardiac health and helps you to train accordingly to the needs of your body. The belt is also very durable and maintenance-free. You can run miles and miles without facing the need to lubricate or replace the belt.


  • 7-inch HD SmartScreen. Bluetooth and iFit supported.
  • User-friendly controls. 0-12 mph speed adjustment and inclining deck can be used easily.
  • User-friendly controls. 0-12 mph speed adjustment and inclining deck can be used easily.
  • 34 workout plans. Cooling fan and heart sensors to measure pulse rate.


  • The deck cannot decline 
  • The screen is not touch-sensitive.
  • The pulse monitoring sensor is not cordless. 
  • Poor customer assistance service and reviews.

6. Bowflex Treadmill Series (Style T10)

Matrix Fitness TF50 Treadmill with XR Console

The Bowflex Treadmill is the latest addition to the treadmill market and perhaps it is the best-designed treadmill available right now. The treadmill has an incline that is powered by a 3-horsepower motor that allows you to diversify your training sessions.  

The touch screen has an LED display with a built-in tablet holder for your convenience. It is Bluetooth compatible and you can connect your phone to watch your favorite TV shows or listen to the music of your choice. 

It has a Power Technology system that automatically adjusts the speed of the treadmill drying your workouts according to your requirements.  With this feature, you do not have to worry about speed adjustment as you stride along the belt.

Moreover, this treadmill has built-in speakers which give it an edge over its competitors. You can increase the sound as per your requirements without worrying about the limitations of the treadmill’s audio quality. It is a foldable treadmill with soft-drop features that allows it to be folded easily when not in use. This allows you to save a lot of space in your apartment as well.

The touch screen LCD has 6 pre-installed workout apps which add variety to your training sessions daily. You can achieve your goals before time with the help of trained professionals that guide you to shape your training accordingly. Moreover, it has an HDMI port which can be connected to a gaming console or any media station to add flavor to your training.

The sensors in the treadmill help you to track your workout and your progress. You can keep track of the calories you have burnt, your pulse rate, etc. The Bowflex Boost is activated once you have connects your phone or tablet with the treadmill so that you can have more workout options.  

Lastly, this treadmill supports a weight of up to 350 pounds so many users do not have a problem with that.


  • A great treadmill for all fitness categories
  • You can watch Netflix and your favorite shows while using it.
  • It is the best treadmill with a TV on the market.
  • The 3 HP notarized incline is very effective in HIIT workouts.
  • It is easy to set up and use. 
  • You can track your daily and weekly progress.


  • It is overpriced as compared to other treadmills.
  • 3 HP motor is not a very powerful one, so higher speeds can not be attained.

Other Features to Consider When Buying A Treadmill

When you buy a treadmill it is not only the TV screen you should focus on. Here is a list of other features that you must not forget about when you purchase a treadmill.

1. Motor Power

The Motor Power of a treadmill is its main feature of it. The stronger it is the faster you can run and the better you can train. Motor Power is measured in CHP, continuous horsepower and. The higher the CHP of a motor, the more effective and powerful the HIIT sessions are.

2. Treadmill Belt Size

You must buy a treadmill that shots your height and allows you to move your legs freely while running on the belt without hitting the frame. If you are taller then you should buy a treadmill that has a longer deck so you can stride along the belt with more convenience. Usually, 15″ ×50″ is meant for waking while 20’×60″ is meant for running and jogging.

3. Preloaded Apps and Wifi Connectivity

When you buy a treadmill make sure that it has preloaded health apps that help you to train more effectively. If it is WiFi compatible then you can search the internet for many other fitness programs to get a better grip on your workouts

4. Buy a Treadmill that has incline and decline

Most treadmills have an inclining deck that helps the users to burn some extra calories. 0Hwoever many treadmills don’t have a deck that can decline which is a drawback. A declining treadmill helps you to perform targeted muscle workouts to improve your strength.

The Final Verdict

Buying a treadmill can be a difficult job. But, if you follow the instructions and have a clear view of your requirements then you should not face any problems.

I hope you found today’s article helpful. If so, please leave a review and are it with your friends and family.

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