Why Does QuickBooks Not Sending Emails

QuickBooks is an accounting software normally used to track the company’s financial transactions, records or sales. We need internet connectivity for this software as it is a cloud based solution. If QuickBooks is unable to send emails then it can be a serious issue as the customers may not receive the invoice, sales receipts, statements, or reports via emails in time, and this needs fixation.Here in this blog, we will describe various reasons that customers may not be able to send emails from QuickBooks Online as well as the desktop version and and the steps needed to resolve it.

What to Do if You See the Error “QuickBooks Not Sending Emails” When Using Outlook

You will Learn here what can we do if QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook by following the below given steps: 

Step 1: By clicking on the desktop icon run the command in QuickBooks as Administrator

Step 2: Go to the server Quickbooks desktop, and right-click the shortcut for QuickBooks application and now select Run as administrator. 

If you are unable to find a QuickBooks shortcut on the server desktop, enter the Windows Start menu and search for ‘QuickBooks’ there. In the context menu find and click the QuickBooks icon, then select Run as Administrator.

Email preferences can be edited in the QuickBooks as:

1. From the Edit menu in QuickBooks select and click Preferences. If you use Outlook, open it and log in before continuing.

2. Choose Send Forms from the menu. Later, select the My Preferences tab.

3. In the email option choose Outlook.

4. Select OK.

A test email can be sent from QuickBooks. Change the options to your preferences if you still encounter an issue.

1. Find and select the Edit menu and now click on Preferences.

2. Choose Send Forms from the menu. After that, select the My Preferences tab.

3. Now click OK after choosing QuickBooks, Webmail or Email. This allows you to turn off your preference.

4. QuickBooks is closed now and also closes all other applications which are opened.

5. Reopen QuickBooks, and then use QuickBooks to send a test email.

The advantages of resolving the issue of QuickBooks being unable to send emails to Outlook are as:

Improvement in productivity: 

On fixing this problem it leads to an end in the delay which would have been brought by communication of unsuccessful emails. This allows you to continue working and keeping up to date with the latest emails.

Smooth operations: 

Once emails are successfully sent from QuickBooks Online to Outlook it becomes possible to easily transfer important financial data, invoices, reports, and statements, which streamlines your company’s operations.

What to Do if Customers Are Unable to Receive Mails Sent From QuickBooks Online?

If your customers are unable to receive sales receipts, statements, reports, and invoices via email then the three possible ways to fix this issue are:

Case 1: Reset your email address

In case you have recently imported data from QuickBooks Desktop into QuickBooks Online, then resetting of email may be required.

  • Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon, then select Account and settings.
  • Look for the Company section, then select Edit in Contact info.
  • All email addresses are reviewed and changes are made wherever necessary.
  • Select Save, then Done.

Case 2: Re-enter your email address after clearing

If Case 1 is not applicable then request your customers to check their junk mail and spam folders. If email is still not being found, then clear and re-enter your email address.

  • Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon, then select Account and settings.
  • Now find the Company section, then select Edit in Contact info.
  • Company email field is made empty and the desired address is entered as is, even if it appears correct. 

(Note: Make sure there are no extra characters or spaces before,within,or after the address you enter).

  • Select Save, then Done.
  • Send yourself a test transaction.
  • If you have not received the email, try with a different email address having a different domain (for example, if you were using a Gmail email address, try a Hotmail or Yahoo address instead).

Case 3: Server can be configured to accept QuickBooks Online mail server host names and IP addresses

If the first two cases don’t provide you a solution, ask an IT expert to help you with the following solution. The IT expert will have to add the QuickBooks Online mail server host names and IP addresses to your outgoing mail servers allow list. This will ensure your QuickBooks emails are not marked as spam.

Process to add the host names and IP addresses

In this section, You will learn about how to add host name and IP address. These Both are basically depend on email set-up in Quickbooks

Step 1: Check Network Connectivity

Make certain that your network link is steady before adding host names and IP addresses. Verify that your internet service provider does not have any problems, and also check the functionality of your router. For you to add host names and IP addresses successfully, an effective network connection is required.

Step 2: Access Router Settings

You need to develop access to your router’s settings in order to add host names and IP addresses. Download a web browser and type the IP address of your router onto the URL bar. Your login and password must be given when stated. To start the process, go to the network settings area after logging in.

Step 3: Assign Host Names

Click the host name assignment option in the network settings section. For every device on your network, provide the desired host name. To make it simple to recognize each device, be sure to give them distinct and meaningful names. Save your modifications when assigning hostnames so you can move on to the next step.

Step 4: Add IP Addresses

It’s presently time to provide each device an IP address after host names have been assigned. Locate the “Add IP address” option in the network settings section. For every device, enter its IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server settings. To prevent conflicts, make sure that each IP address is distinct and falls in the same network range.

Step 5: Save and Reboot

Care to save your modifications after adding host names and IP addresses for every device connected to your network. After the changes take effect, reboot your router. Validate each device’s connectivity after the reboot to ensure sure the IP addresses and host names were added successfully.


Fixing the QuickBooks matter ‘inability to send emails’ offers significant advantages such as enhanced productivity, faster communication, smooth operation and customer satisfaction.

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