How to Rectify Quickbooks Update Error 15106


Quickbooks is an Accounting software. it is used in all sizes of businesses across the world. it helps in simplification of financial management due to its effective features. it also has errors like any software, one such error that occurs is QuickBooks update error 15106, which usually occurs when updating the software process makes it impossible for users to access new features as well as security patches. You may receive the error text “Error 15106: the update program cannot be opened, or Error 15106: the update program is damaged”. Don’t worry here are some techniques used in resolving an occurrence of QuickBooks Updates Error 150106 while Updating or installing the program.

What is Quickbooks Error 15106?

When a window installer is used to install and uninstall or update the QuickBooks software, but often times it can become corrupt leading to a lot of error problems. Another form of Quickbooks Update Error 15106 comes up when there are issues with the window installer. In order to know how this problem appears on your machine, make sure that you also look at other causes as well.

Cause of Quickbooks Update Error 15106

There are many reasons for QuickBooks update error 15106. This Error comes due to several main causes which include:

  • Lack of Sufficient User permission: Without Adequate Administrative rights, users may be unable to install vital updates and thus QuickBooks fails to adjust system folders when updating.
  • Presence of Active Antivirus: At the time, the security software may misinterpret Quickbooks update as a potential threat and therefore stop the update process leading to error 15106.
  • Corrupt update files If Quickbooks downloaded an incomplete or corrupt update file, then Quickbooks system will not undergo a successful update process hence error 15106.
  • Faulty Quickbooks Installation: Quickbooks Errors like error 15106 are normally caused by problems that occur during updating including having an incomplete installation or corrupted Quickbooks software program. 
  • Damage Quickbook installation: A broken or incomplete QuickBooks installation can result in problems with updates such as Error 15106.

 Symptoms Associated with Quickbooks Error 15106

The following symptoms are displayed by the system when the QuickBooks updates error 15106 occurs

  1. The performance of QuickBooks significantly declines.
  2. It is difficult for users to update the software.
  3. Payroll updates are not processed by users.
  4. Quickbooks cannot update, due to error message 15106.

Solutions for Rectifying the Error message error 15106

The problems of error15106 demand the examination and elimination of all possible causes, as discussed in the steps below: 

Step 1: Run Quickbooks as  Administrator

when run with administrative privileges, QuickBooks gets the necessary permissions to conduct updates.

  • Right-click on your computer’s desktop icon for QuickBooks.
  • choose “Run as Administrator”.
  • Try updating Quickbooks again 

Step 2: Disable Antivirus or anti-spyware

Quickbooks updates can be interfered with by Security Software. Deactivating these programs temporarily can help. you can see the antivirus or anti-spyware icon in the system shown in the right corner of the taskbar.

  • Click on the icon with the right button of the mouse and select the option of disabling or turning off it for some time.
  • Try updating QuickBooks again.
  • Remember to switch on your antivirus or antispyware when through with the updating process.

Step 3: Rename the folder

Renaming the update folder might make Quickbooks build a new update folder hence addressing corruption Problems.

  • Locate the QuickBooks installation Directory. this is usually found at C:\Program files(x86)\intuit\quickbooks[version].
  • Find the downloadable folder (where “xx” refers to the version of Quickbooks).
  • Select ‘Rename’ from the right-click menu
  • At this Point. you may appear old to its name eg. downloadable.old.
  • Try an update Quickbooks Again.

Step 4: A fresh Install of Quickbooks

If that doesn’t work then you might need to do a clean install of QuickBooks. the first step is the uninstall QuickBooks and rename the installation folders before reinstalling it again.

  • Uninstalling Quickbooks
  • Click the start button and select the control panel.
  • Uninstall a program.
  • Look for QuickBooks desktop in the list, right-click on it and choose the uninstall option.
  • Renaming the installation Folders
  • Go to the Quickbooks installation folder and rename them with .old at their ends.
  • The destination folder is normally situated within C:\ Program files(x86)\intuit\quickbooks and  C:\ ProgramData\intuit\quickbooks respectively.
  • Re-installing Quickbooks
  •  Download the latest version of QuickBooks from the official site of Intuit company. 
  • Follow the instructions given by the software during the reinstallation process for the Quickbooks program.
  • Try to update QuickBooks once more.

Preventing error 15106 when updating Quickbooks

To avoid error 15106 in the future, you need to take into account the following preventative actions

  • Keep your antivirus and anti-spyware software up to date: Your security software must be kept current. set it to identify QuickBooks as a trusted application.
  • Maintain administrative rights: Make sure that QuickBooks is run with administrative rights every time an update is done.
  • Periodically backup Quickbooks data: Backups that are regularly done ensure that if there is any error during the updating process, data can still be retrieved.
  • Use of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool: This tool repairs several installation problems and should be frequently used to keep your QuickBooks installation healthy.
  • Steady Internet connection: While downloading updates, make sure your downloads do not become incomplete due to an unstable Internet connection.


Quickbooks update error 15106 can prove quite frustrating by disturbing the business process. However, comprehending its origins and applying these remedies in detail will help you resolve this problem efficiently. Furthermore, taking preventive measures will help you avoid such issues in the future, thereby ensuring that your QuickBooks software remains updated and functions effectively all the time. Normally, maintenance and watchful system management.

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