Infant Nursing and Plus-Sized Women: What You Need to Know

There’s simply no denying that motherhood is a remarkable experience for women; one that is filled with joy and wonder. However, it isn’t without its challenges.

For plus-sized women especially, the journey of breastfeeding, a fundamental aspect of nurturing their newborns, can present unique considerations and hurdles. In a world where societal norms often fail to accommodate diverse body types, the intersection of infant nursing and plus-sized women warrants attention and understanding. With the right information and support, though, plus-sized moms needn’t fear – they can also successfully breastfeed their babies just like any other mom. Here’s everything you need to know about the subject:

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Why It’s Important for Plus-Sized Moms to Nurse Their Babies

Before going into the pointers, it’s important to understand the benefits of breastfeeding or nursing.

It’s not just about providing your child with nutrition; nursing is a bonding experience that helps cultivate a deep connection between you and your baby. For plus-sized women, nursing can also offer numerous advantages, such as aiding in postpartum weight loss and reducing the risk of certain health conditions. Breastfeeding also aids in the release of hormones that help the uterus contract, which can potentially speed up postpartum recovery.

Finding Comfortable Nursing Attire

Finding comfortable and supportive nursing attire is one of the first challenges that plus-sized women need to overcome when it comes to nursing their children.

Nursing or maternity bras, in particular, are something that all new mothers should invest in. Their main difference from regular bras is the nursing clips on the straps, which should be easy to open with one hand and allow for immediate access to the breast during feeding time.

Nursing bras are also typically made out of soft and comfortable materials; by contrast, normal bras can be made out of firmer fabrics, which can constrict breast tissue, causing pain and discomfort if not fitting right. Nursing bras also provide perfect support and gentle shaping – something that you need when your breasts grow heavier when milk is produced. When you wear a nursing bra, the risk of back pain from breast tissue strain is significantly reduced.

Look for plus-size nursing bras specifically designed for mothers with larger cup sizes – you can find an abundant selection of these from Anita Maternity. Their plus-size nursing bras come in a wide range of inclusive sizes to accommodate your specific shape and size.

In addition to nursing bras, you should also look into nursing tops and dresses made out of stretchy and breathable fabrics. These should help provide comfort and ease during feeding sessions.

Proper Latch Techniques

Achieving a proper latch is essential for successful breastfeeding, regardless of body size. Plus-sized women may face some unique challenges due to breast shape and size.

To get over this hurdle, experiment with different nursing positions to find what works best for you and your baby. Some popular options include the football hold, the side-lying position, or the cross-cradle hold. Rather than hunching over to reach your baby, which can put strain on your back and shoulders, hold them up to your breast instead during feeding time.

Overcoming Body Image Concerns

Many women find themselves facing body image concerns immediately after pregnancy and throughout their nursing journey. What you need to remember, though, is that your body is nourishing and nurturing your baby, regardless of its size or shape.

Surrounding yourself with a caring support group composed of friends, family, and healthcare professionals can go a long way towards uplifting and encouraging you through difficult times. Don’t forget to practice self-compassion and focus on the incredible bond that you’re building with your little one through breastfeeding them.

Nursing your infant as a plus-sized woman may present unique challenges, but with the right support, resources, and mindset, it’s a journey filled with love, connection, and empowerment. Embrace your body, trust your instincts, and know that you’re giving your baby the best start possible through the beautiful journey of breastfeeding.

However, be mindful that it is not possible for all mothers to breastfeed for various reasons and that their journey with the newborn is not less beautiful than others.

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