How Does Online IELTS Practice Test Help Students?

Practice makes perfect, but perfect practice makes progress. Just like solving IELTS practice tests does to improve skills. Solving online practice tests is easy to use. Since it is accessible, convenient, and time-saving. It helps students to take exams from anywhere. Hence, solving practice papers help students to understand the concept of IELTS exam. However, students should know the methods, strategies, and tips of practice tests. Also, they know tips for IELTS listening practice tests to solve the paper. In this guide, you will get the tips for reading and listening parts. Understand how to solve the utmost questions. Also, students don’t get enough marks in reading sections. For that, tips are shared for solving the IELTS reading test. Let’s read this article and use it to score nine on both.

Steps to Improve IELTS Listening

Listening is the initial section of the IELTS exam. In the listening part, it includes 40 questions in each section. For the listening part, students get thirty minutes to listen to the recording. Simultaneously, you keep noting the important points. It can be dates, months, names, addresses, and numbers. These are the key factors to notice.

Afterwards, students get 10 minutes extra to answer these questions. As, the recording plays only once. Many students don’t hear the conversation correctly. However, the online practice test provided a repetition option. You can again listen carefully to the tone, grammar, and other things are used. So, these significant tips help students to improve their listening skills. Here are more tips below

Listen actively

In listening tests, the speciality is to do attentive listening. It measures your skills to listen to the conversation carefully. You must identify the accent in which they are talking to each other. Thus, in the exam, various types of accents could be used. Moreover, follow the chronicle and understand the vocabulary they are using. Idioms, synonyms, and phrases used to trick you. Keep noting while practicing. Identify the key area you’re lacking. Furthermore, practice IELTS listening practice tests, make notes, research, and fill the gaps.

stay focused

Listening and concentration develop skills of critical thinking. Repeat the main lines said by the speaker in your mind. So that students can remember at least the focus point. Specifically, don’t let your concentration become your distraction. Many students get distracted easily. Also, keeping your mind calm and strong will help you to solve the listening practice test. Develop a habit of listening to English. It will help to keep focus on the test and also in understanding. Certainly, listening is not your task. So, enjoy listening and keep focus on what they are talking about. Maintaining yourself fit mentally and physically. That will help in being alert, aware, and determined towards your exam.

Listen Reflectively

Assess your answer after completing your exam. In an IELTS practice test, focus on listening to what the speaker is saying. Further, evaluate timing about how many questions you are completing in those ten minutes. As timing matters the most improve your time management as per your ability. Also, understand any pattern is use while hearing the recording. thus, you have to note down main power points. it includes places, dates, names, etc. A powerful aim of scoring well can change the motive of giving a paper. Take action on sections where you are lacking. Therefore, Practice the IELTS listening practice test as much as you can.

Top 3 Tips for IELTS Reading Test

Particularly IELTS reading can be difficult as well as easiest for students. With preparation and the right approach, you will be able to increase your chances of getting a good score. This section takes 60 minutes to complete and has 40 questions. However, you should complete it within 50-55 minutes prior so that you can have time to recheck your answer. Make a roadmap to solve every part one by one in less time. Through, the IELTS practice test you practice and accomplish the test through the right roadmap. Down below, the top 3 tips are shared for improving this part.

First read, then answer.

In the reading section, first, begin reading and keep marking important words. Good speed will help you read fast. Spending more time reading would be unnecessary and time-consuming. Also, if you get confused, read that line again. Additionally, identify keywords and look for main points, headings, and subheadings. This will later help you find answers.

Solve different types of questions

It is said that practice makes perfect. Through deep practice of the IELTS practice tests, you can score good marks. However, by solving several questions, you will get a vision of various types of method used in each question. Thus it will help you to identify the question type in the exam time. Further, make a strategy of checking spelling correct and grammar. This will keep you attentive at the time of writing the answer. Many authors give irony in the introduction and conclusion. Try to understand the meaning of a paragraph from it. Additionally, there are several types of questions, for instance-

  1. Firstly, Summary completing questions
  2. Sentence completing question
  3. Multiple types of questions
  4. Further, Choosing a title
  5. Table completion
  6. Diagram completion questions
  7. Short answer questions and many more.

Improve vocabulary

In every part of the IELTS section vocabulary is prominent. You are wrong If you think vocabulary is only for reading and writing part. Eventually, vocabulary helps in our everyday life. Therefore, improving vocabulary skills is necessary it helps in improving English. If you go through the IELTS speaking test you will find many words with their synonyms in the answer. As verbs, nouns, singular and plural kinds of sentences are formed. Try to know each synonym of a difficult world. This tip will surely help to understand the reading part.


To sum up all in a nutshell, the IELTS practice test is the key to gaining the desired score. In this AI world, many students prefer to solve online practice papers. As it is convenient, time-conserving, and accessible. However, whether you give it online or offline, what matters is practice. Therefore, the IELTS listening test helps you to improve your listening. That will help to develop a strategy by using these three tips. Students can find more tips and tricks through Gradding counsellors. Moreover, the above tips are provided for the IELTS reading test Gradding helps you in scoring the best marks in this section. These tips are valuable and used by many of our clients. To know more, visit our website and book your counselling session now.

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